You invite the guests, we'll do the rest!

We can cater your event with our amazing food and drinks choices. Contact us to find out how Coach’s can help with your next private event, meeting or party. All Catering is quoted on a case by case basis, contact us for more information!

Catering Menu

We can help you plan your menu to fit your budget and party. Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance.



  • Smoked Pulled Pork

    Hand pulled, served with your choice of BBQ sauce on the side

    14.00Per Pound
  • Smoked Beef Brisket

    Sliced, served with your choice of BBQ sauce on the side

    16.00Per Pound
  • Smoked Baby Back Ribs

    Lightly sauced

    12.50Half Rack
  • Coach's Jumbo Wings

    Your choice of flavor:

    Uncle John's Recipe
    Coach's BBQ
    Honey BBQ
    Carolina Gold BBQ
    Sweet Habanero
    Caribbean Jerk
    Honey Ginger
    Bourbon Teriyaki

    11.50Per 10 Wings

Appetizers & Salads

  • Hummus with Tortilla Chips

    Please order 24 hours in advance

    Pita bread may be available upon request

    15.00Pint, 4-6 Servings
    25.00Quart, 8-12 Servings
    50.00Half Pan, 16-24 Servings
    100.00Full Pan, 36-48 Servings
  • Cheese & Cracker Tray
    35.00Small, 5-10 Servings
    50.00Large, 15-25 Servings
  • Fresh Fruit Tray
    40.00Small, 5-10 Servings
    60.00Large, 15-25 Servings
  • Fresh Veggie Tray
    25.00Small, 7-12 Servings
    40.00Large, 15-25 Servings
  • House or Caesar Salad
    20.00Small, 7-10 Servings
    50.00Large, 20-25 Servings
  • Specialty Salads
    65.00Small, 7-10 Servings
    165.00Large, 20-25 Servings


  • Big House Mac & Cheese

    Homemade with five cheeses

    13.00Pint, 2-3 Servings
    23.00Quart, 4-6 Servings
    41.00Half Pan, 8-12 Servings
    76.00Full Pan, 16-24 Servings
  • Coach's Potato Salad
    11.00Pint, 3-4 Servings
    19.00Quart, 6-8 Servings
    36.00Half Pan, 12-16 Servings
    66.00Full Pan, 24-32 Servings
  • Coach's Homemade Coleslaw
    Homemade creamy coleslaw
    9.00Pint, 3-4 Servings
    16.00Quart, 6-8 Servings
    26.00Half Pan, 12-16 Servings
    46.00Full Pan, 24-32 Servings
  • Coach's Baked Beans

    Homemade with bacon & pineapple

    36.00Half Pan, 12-16 Servings
    66.00Full Pan, 24-32 Servings
  • Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

    Gravy served on the side

    10.00Pint, 3-4 Servings
    18.00Quarts, 8-12 Servings
    31.00Half Pan, 12-16 Servings
    56.00Full Pan, 24-32 Servings
  • Black Beans
    11.00Pint, 3-4 Servings
    19.00Quart, 6-8 Servings
    36.00Half Pan, 12-16 Servings
    66.00Full Pan, 24-32 Servings
  • Seasonal Veggies

    Please call to inqure about our current fresh veggies

    8.00Pint, 2-3 Servings
    15.00Quart, 4-6 Servings
    25.00Half Pan, 8-12 Servings
    45.00Full Pan, 16-24 Servings

Give me some bread!

  • Full Size Pretzel or Brioche Buns
    8.50Half Dozen
  • Pretzel Slider Buns
  • Regular Slider Buns
  • Cornbread

Private Dining

In addition to being the best place to eat in Stevensville, Coach’s is also one of the best places to host a party or function. We welcome families, business meetings, sports teams and other groups to reserve our private banquet room for your gathering. You can even reserve a spot for your team to huddle up and watch game videos together.

Our banquet room seats up to 50 people and can be reserved with a $300 deposit. There are no additional fees for the banquet room contingent that the party meets a food and beverage minimum of $300. The deposit is fully refunded if reservations are cancelled at least 14 days in advance. To learn more or book your party, call us at (269) 429-2600 or contact us via email.